Senior Transition Real Estate Experts

It’s Scott and Kelli Nold’s personal experiences with transitioning their own parents that facilitated the need for this well thought out and efficiently organized transition plan. The countless tasks involved are time-consuming and stressful. Many challenges, emotions, and legal issues can accompany transitioning, and an unfamiliarity with the process can only compound stress. Fortunately, THE NOLD GROUP can connect you with the services and representatives who are willing to put their years of experience to work for you. Rest assured, you will receive straightforward and timely answers throughout the process from people who have walked in your shoes and will advocate for your needs.


THE NOLD GROUP can provide you with advice and resources tailored to fit your personal objectives, as opposed to simply one-size-fits-all suggestions so many others offer. Getting the best advice possible at the start makes all the difference. You have access to market research and experience-based analysis, and are provided with several possible outcomes and opportunities for diversification that will help you to make prudent financial decisions.


THE NOLD GROUP can put you in touch with an experienced property appraiser to help determine the value of the real estate and personal possessions. A residential appraiser ensures that, whether you decide to sell, mortgage, or keep a property, its worth is correctly and fairly valued. 

Personal Property and Inventory

Putting together an inventory of personal property, contacting other loved ones, and even delivering items are all things you may need assistance with when starting the transitioning process. Hiring an organized and efficient assistant can make all the difference.   THE NOLD GROUP can help to prevent legal or personal headaches.

Estate Cleanout and Liquidations

THE NOLD GROUP can provide you with an estate cleaning service that can get the job done respectfully. If you would prefer to donate items, transfer them to a storage facility, or incorporate them into staging the home to sell, our cleanout resources can answer questions, offer advice, and do the heavy lifting for you.

Maintenance and Preservation

Contacting a maintenance service to assess any damage, offer estimates for repairs, and get to work restoring a home in a timely manner is an excellent first step to take. Whether floors need refinishing, you’d like someone to examine the electrical, or fix a leak in the roof, THE NOLD GROUP has trusted professionals to ensure the home looks its best.


It’s no secret that how a home looks to potential buyers can make all the difference. When needed, THE NOLD GROUP utilizes home staging professionals that use both the decorative and psychological impacts of color, furniture placement, and layouts to make sure your home looks welcoming. 


Your biggest investment deserves to be placed in the hands of a proven team with a track record of successful, profitable, and timely real estate sales. While ensuring the value of the home is honored….THE NOLD GROUP will help you handle every aspect of selling a home!